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Dreams & Visions

Does God speak to us through dreams? Can we trust our dreams or visions to know the will of God? 

While it is true that God spoke by visions and dreams (
Isaiah 6; Daniel 2), they always originated with God.

But what about today? Is God still speaking through dreams and visions as He did in time of old? The answer to this questions must come from a biblical perspective and pattern on dreams and visions.  We have the Bible and the indwelling person of the Holy Spirit to help each individual believer to understand the will of God.

Concerning Christians, the consistency of Scripture points away from dreams and visions and to the complete revelation of the Bible. Today we (the Church) do not depend on dreams and visions to learn about God and His will with our lives, but rather on God's inspired revelation in the Scriptures.

Example: God did not impart the gospel to Cornelius in a vision, but commanded a man to go and preach the Word of God to him.

You will find dreams and visions consistently throughout the Word of God in direct connection with Israel and in the context of the future millennial reign of Christ.

Tragically, many are being led astray by the vain preaching that solicits adherence to dreams and visions. This is especially noted amongst believers who are NOT influenced by teaching that rightly divides the word of truth.  The Bible stands alone as a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path.

Here is an example of rightly dividing the word of truth in light of the question posed:  The following question comes from a believer in Massachusetts and he references Acts 2:17 as the basis for adherence to his dream or vision.  Note the following:   Does the Holy Spirit communicate with us through our dreams as noted in Acts 2:16,17?    I have been praying for wisdom that I make a decision about a career path that will be according to His plan and to His glory. I keep having dreams about what to do, but not sure if it is simply my subconscious humanistic desires or something deeper.

Note that he references the prophecy of Joel ( Acts 2:16,17) which in fact  relates to Israel in kingdom context (read Joel 2:18-32), and not to the Church. When Peter quoted Joel, he quoted kingdom language. Note the evidence of the out pouring of the Spirit of God in Joel 2:28. Prophecy, dreams, visions, all of which are consistent with Israel in the O.T. experience and will once again be experienced during the millennial kingdom of Christ. Contrast Peter's quote of Joel 2:28 with what Paul teaches the church concerning the filling and the fruit of the Holy Spirit (See Galatians 5:22,23).

The major difference in which the Holy Spirit will work according to Acts 2:16,17 in light of Joel 2:28 is that the Holy Spirit will come upon (outwardly) all flesh. This is the way the Holy Spirit worked in the Old Testament and will again according to Joel's prophecy. Today, or with the Church, the Holy Spirit works inwardly (John 14:16,17; Eph. 5:18). Not to distinguish this major difference in which the Holy Spirit works will leave one vulnerable to the inclinations of the flesh and to the wiles of Satan through his false teachers. You must not be governed by preference, but principle.  Christians who seek God's will through dreams and visions often struggle with lack of surety and are more likely to find themselves asking more questions and less satisfied.

God does speak to us in this day through His Word by the Holy Spirit and godly counsel.  The only surety... is the Word of God.

Psalms 19:7   The law of the LORD is perfect, converting the soul: the testimony of the LORD is sure, making wise the simple.

Sincerely, Dr. Arthur Belanger

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